Freitag, 11. September 2009

Our Wedding in Germany

23rd August 2008

Autumn Fall

One of our favourite picture

To be continue.....

03.06.07 and 04.06.07

The day before the BIG day

The day start with excitement and the day befor I baked my own engagemet cake and we drove all the way to Ciao,KL to hand in the cake so we can enjoy it the day after our registration.

This are some memories photos from that day.

Busy decorating the cake and as you can see all are homemade

It is simple why I baked my own cake instead of buying,the answer is baking your own engagement cake and in the process you realised that this is it,it only happen once in your life and you wont forget that moment and more meaningful to you and your partner.Not everywoman will do this but I WILL.hehe...

It is a simple cake but full with love and patient

Butter Cream cake

Our Registration Day

04 June 2007

Waiting for our turn to sign the paper,at Maju Junction Mall,KL.

The registration room and the moment of signing the papers.

Hubby signing the papers

My turn of signing the papers

We did it,now we are officially MARRIED.

At Ciao

At Ciao Restaurant to celebrate the day and its time to cut the cake! Yummy...

Yummy Italien Food

Mr&Mrs Knuppertz

Our journey as husband and wife just began on that day.......

Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Cecilia and Stephanie.

Ok we are some crazy girls who pose in da club´s pose somemore....

We went to mamak stall after clubbing and peoples thought we are malay girls and a chinese guy selling DVD speaks to us malay...haha...

When you found someone with you who dont care where and when to have a happy moments with you then grab that person and never let them go.

Steph & Cecilia

As we all know,friends come and go in our life.But those who really with you when you are sad and happy,laugh together and cry together,accept each other goodness and badness,never scared to tell you the truth and never will lied to you.That both of you willing to give and take without hatred,jealousy and ignorance.Someone like this is call true friend.If you found someone like this then treasure them and never try anything to spoit the relationship between you and your friend.Friend is someone you can share eveything that sometimes family members cant,they are someone you can rely on when you are in troubles.Well I found someone.Someone I knew since 2004 until now.We saw each other life changes from being a teenager until married and now with family.But changes in life but no change in our friendship.

Like I always said,pictures explain all. XD

I have many many many friends,some of them are my dearies babes and some of them are like hi and bye friends but this one is my life time friend.

Here and there in Germany

Family Day

GrandmasON AND dad

Aunty Gabi

Mother In law Heidi and Me

Some here and there pictures with family and my husband.

Our Trip to Paris

Pictures described a thousand words at the town of LOVE.